Real Golden Goodness!!

An Organic Gourmet Style Pancake, Waffle, & Muffin Mix

Golden Triangle Waffles

Golden Triangle Mixes is very excited to introduce to you an exceptional gourmet style pancake, waffle, and muffin mix. Created only from the finest natural ingredients, our organic mix has a one of a kind taste and wonderful unique aroma. Our pancakes & waffles rise beautifully, are light and fluffy, smell delicious and cook to a rich golden brown. Enjoy the scrumptious mini muffins made from our versatile mix. They are a perfect fit for breakfast, a nice complement to soups and stews, a great snack, and the kids like them in their lunch box too.

Healthy and Yummy

Our mix is made from the finest all natural ingredients available. Our ingredients are not genetically modified or hybridized. No artificial colors or flavors are used. Because we use only all natural ingredients, you will enjoy pancakes, waffles and muffins that are big in flavor, have a superior texture, great aroma and are healthy as well.

Try Pancakes the All-Natural Way

Food that is good for you should taste good too. Today’s shoppers are more aware of the preservatives and artificial ingredients found in commercially produced food. Instead of a modern wheat, Golden Triangle Mixes, LLC uses KAMUT Brand Khorasan wheat. This ancient grain, combined with our other natural ingredients, produces a pancake, waffle and muffin mix, which is rich in flavor, pleasingly aromatic and tastes superb. Call us at (406) 236-5535 or toll-free at 1-844-730-7798 to order our all natural organic mix today.

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